How to Get the Most from Your Dental Implants

How to Get the Most from Your Dental Implants

July 15, 2018

Are you thinking about getting dental implants or have already gotten them? Dental implants provide patients with much-needed assistance and security for their smile. Our dental team at George Sferra Dental offer a wide range of services to our patients in the Somers, NY area. One of these services is dental implants. Continue reading to learn how to get the most from your dental implants with our dentists.

How do you take care of them?

Dental implants can easily be taken care of in a similar way as your teeth. Brushing and flossing twice daily is vital in the proper care of your smile. This helps to thoroughly remove plaque, tartar, and debris. Your dentist may recommend specialty equipment to more effectively clean your dental implants depending on your circumstance.

Are there any limitations?

Dental implants are popular with many of our patients because it allows them to continue their day to day routine unlike other options, such as dentures. They are a permanent solution to your new smile. Be sure to check the quality of your dental implants before placement. Our experienced dental team will be eager to help you through your process.

Do they need regular maintenance?

Our team recommends an annual x-ray to check on your dental implants. Dental cleanings and exams are encouraged at least twice a year.

How long do dental implants last?

With proper care and keeping on your part and effective placement from your dentist, your dental implants will last you several years. If you are interested in dental implants for your smile, then contact our dental team for more information. We are eager to provide you with high-quality care and treatment.