Is Whitening Bad for Your Teeth?

Is Whitening Bad for Your Teeth?

March 1, 2019

Why whiten your teeth?

You may go for teeth whitening in NY 10065 if you want a brighter smile, want to change your look, eliminate embarrassing spots, and create a more uniform look.

Why do teeth turn yellow?

Poor brushing, drinking coffee, tea and using tobacco can cause the teeth to become yellow.

Different ways to whiten teeth

Whitening at the dentist’s office

Dentist makes use of a 40% hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel which offers brighter and white teeth in less than one hour.

Professionally supplied whitening kits

You can take whitening kits like on-the-go whitening tray and over the counter teeth whiteners and use them as directed by the dentist.

Benefits and cons

Is teeth whitening bad for you?

Benefit- it’s completely safe when done by professional.

Con- Not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers.

Is teeth whitening covered by insurance?

Con- it depends on your insurance plan but many plans don’t cover it.

How long does teeth whitening take?

Benefit- the procedure is usually quick and done within an hour.

Con- You may need several visits for really bad stains.

Is teeth whitening bad for your health?

Benefit- it’s not bad for health as the procedure is limited only to the mouth.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

Con- Teeth whitening lasts only few months or year and you may need repeated visits.

Will it help your confidence?

Benefits- It will increase your confidence as you will have white teeth which will improve your appearance.

Myths about teeth whitening: is tooth whitening safe?

Is teeth whitening dangerous?

No it’s not dangerous.

Is teeth whitening safe for teeth with fillings or bonding?

Yes, it’s safe and doesn’t damage any restorations.

Does it harm enamel of teeth?

No, it doesn’t harm the enamel of your teeth or make your teeth softer.

Is teeth whitening bad for your teeth in the long term?

It’s not bad for your teeth in long run as well if done diligently by you or a professional.

Is teeth whitening worth it?

Its worth as it changes your appearance and makes you a confident and happier person.

Can’t you just use teeth-whitening toothpaste?

The toothpastes won’t whiten your teeth as they don’t contain any such product that can whiten the teeth.

Should you whiten your teeth?

If your queries are answered, then it’s up to you to make the decision.