When are tooth extractions necessary?

When are tooth extractions necessary?

March 25, 2019

Many of us keep thinking about getting a tooth extraction for one or the other reasons. It starts taking up a lot of our thinking time and instead of actually visiting the dentist and asking for professional counsel on the matter, we keep researching online.

The fact is – if you are not a trained dental professional by any means, it would be very difficult for you to gauge whether you need that tooth extraction or not. Don’t worry! George Sferra is here to help you get more clarity on the subject matter.

You should immediately arrange for a tooth extraction if you are facing any of these problems:

Wisdom teeth

Getting the wisdom teeth removed in the right time is crucial to maintain healthy teeth. If you or your sibling or anyone you know has a wisdom tooth and plans to get it removed, it is high time you start planning for that tooth extraction.

If a wisdom tooth is allowed to stay there, it may disturb the roots of other teeth, resulting in eventually greater damage. Hence get your wisdom tooth removed at the earliest.

Severe decay

Have you been facing a severe decay in your teeth or tooth? Well, after a point only a tooth extraction procedure can help you reverse the damage. Tooth extraction, instead of covering the problem or giving you a somewhat temporary solution, attacks the root cause – the very tooth itself. Hence tooth extraction lessens the pain and stops the disease from spreading further, all in one go.

Periodontal disease

Finally – if you can visibly feel that your tooth or teeth are undergoing a change only because of a specific disease, you should consult your dentist at the earliest possible. Many of us choose to wait and take up medicines like pain killers or other antibiotics we have access to. This does not solve the problem. It only gives you a very temporary fix. You may start feeling that he pain is reducing, whereas in reality, you are just delaying the pain.

Hence, it is recommended that you go for the tooth extraction as early as possible.